A step forward in event management.

A personalized system. Made for you.

Al Malik Events will focus on all sorts of event that needs event planning. Other than that we will be one of the pioneer and first to introduce an event planning software that brings interactive event planning to customers as close as their personal computer. The basic concept of the software is that customers wanting to plan an event would log onto our website and from there they will have an acess to our vendors and subcontractors that relates to the product and services needed for events. Customers can begin to plan their event through our web site. They can search through different services and add them into their list. They also can see how choosing vendors, locations, etc will affect the total cost as well.

We’ve made it easier for you.

Many people usually will be lost and don’t know where to start when planning an event. It takes up a lot of time to find the right vendors to supply flowers or catering. Many might not even know the direction they want to take the event to. The clients will be able to search through out the entire database, plan and schedule the event themselves or choose to meet personally any of our event planners for additional guidance or vision.

Wide, wide range of choices.

The types of vendors in the database will be from all sorts and offer array of different services along with entertainment options which one would expect when hosting an event such as Live Bands, party suppliers, restaurants with function halls. The catering services will be handled by our sister company as a vendor as they cater to all kind of food.

Our expertise speaks for itself.

Al Malik Events is committed to the success of this endeavor. Cumulatively, the team has more than 80 years of business experience. Our knowledge base includes, but not limited to event planning, marketing, information technology, public relations, advertising, non- profit foundation management and business ownership management. All founders also have documented competences in customer service and professional relationship skill.

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